i wrote a poem today, earlier
but it didn't save
and now
I can't remember 
all of it
....something about
words not wars
love over that other...thing
something about
being true to something,
someone....in silence
filled spaces that want for
nothing but need everything
that is good
and true
I want to remember it
I need to know it...more
something about
words not wars...unspoken ones
that present smiles
and joy...
tears for fears twice removed in 
hushed kinmanship, and prayers,
god speed, god space needs 
no words...wars of soul & heart
good spirited unicorn dreams
come true
come to pass...
sad songs aren't always sad
I get disappointed, but i'm not mad
at anything or anyone
for long
words not wars...
make love, not the other
bred and fired in heated hate
certainly, this is the day the lord has made
to be glad about something more
than wars...warring... 
but loving....
simple things
crying things 
I miss astroworld, but not the rollercoaster(s)

fast forward to possibilities and healed
war of hearts wounds
the forgotten soldier tucked in diaries
& pocket squares...
I want to remember, the things I forgot to say
apologize for saying the wrong things
baptize these fears, come up
stand up, breathe easy...and know
just, know...something more than
words unspoken, and remember it
...speak up to say, yes to living
and loving
simple things....favorite things
words with friends...no worries,
no wars
without being armed...
do myself a solid
dance to sunchimes
It's Still Family In Here

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