Take the Weight of the World off ya shoulders....
We are soooo looking forward to this Fall and Winter seasons.  I've spoken before about keeping the Christmas Spirit throughout all seasons.  Sometimes, that can be hard to have a jolly spirit and treat our family, friends, and neighbors with a mind and heart that resembles what those of us who believe that Christ and the spirit of what Christianity is ... love, peace, and understanding (charity).  Christmas is for kids?  What about Christmas and the Spirit of Christmas might keep you in check and in alignment with good and greater things that bring joy, peace and happiness not only for ourselves and our families but in out-giving ways that give off Light to heal, laugh, endear and be mindful to "Do The Right Thing"?  You do not have to be a Christian or believe in the mysteries thereof to respect the Supernatural powers in Love and in Light.  Neither must we believe in Santa to get gleeful about Christmas and gifting.

These are just my tender thoughts.

It's fine to disagree and debate a point, but we when purposefully and intentionally try and made another person feel bad or less than because we disagree is a point of inflection I'm hoping we reconsider when we are In Our Feelings.

Peace & Light and Merry Christmas
Chant A Psalm A Day

"When pressure drop, it cannot conquer ....."

     ~Steel Pulse~