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What I'm Reading
Sometimes i finish, sometimes i use audible...the goal is to finish.

(Autumn & Winter Reading)
"We're Gonna Need More Wine" by Gabrielle Union
"Don't Be A Menace To Midnight While Sippin' On Tea in Hootsweet" by Stephanie Gordon
"I Love Capitalism: An American Story" by Ken Langone
"Whiskey in a Teacup" What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love, and Baking Biscuits" by Reese Witherspoon
"My Infamous Life" by Prodigy
"Still Lives" (Hello Sunshine Bookclub Read) by Maria Hummel


A new series on STARZ debuting August 26th is a highly anticipated storyline following students from Oak Park High School in Chicago.

About America to Me
Chicago’s Oak Park and River Forest High School’s (OPRF) student population encompasses a racial, economic and cultural mix that reflects the nation as a whole. Located in a mostly affluent, progressive suburb, the school attracts families of all races and means, many of whom make great sacrifices to secure their children a place there. But even in this diverse and liberal community, ensuring an educational experience that equally benefits all students poses challenges for the school’s dedicated and well-meaning teachers, administrators and parents.
In the multipart unscripted documentary series “America to Me,” Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams, Life Itself) and his team follow a diverse selection of the school’s 3,400 students, including artists, athletes, scholars, underachievers and iconoclasts, to present an indelible account of their dreams, fears, triumphs and aspirations.
Posing complex and controversial questions, the film wrestles with crucial issues, including the effects of race and privilege on education as seen through the eyes of young Americans on the precipice of adulthood. Candid and relatable portraits of 12 students who are just beginning to come into their own provide moving insights into the teenage search for personal identity in today’s world.
Sign up here to receive information about the campaign, including early access to the “America To Me Community Conversation Guide” with tools to help you lead a watch party and host candid conversations about race and equity." ` STARZ network

While we wait 4 the season finale of "Being Mary Jane" we read....
New York Times Best Selling Author, Gabrielle Union... we love her as "Mary Jane" and most of us were shocked to learn the show would not be continued.  Yet we wait patiently and anxiously for the finale show scheduled to air sometime this year.  I don't usually do television shows but I've become attached to some great ones.  "Being Mary Jane" is a favorite and I hate to see it go.  In the meantime, this is a good read and a great way to support a sista-artist who has made her mark gracefully and undeniably talented.
S.W.A.T. on CBS....
S.W.A.T. is a new Thursday night favorite for me.  I like that the character of Shemar Moore who plays "Daniel (Hondo) Harrelson" he's from the neighborhood where he serves as head of the S.W.A.T. team. From back in the day success of Y&R to today's CBS night time premium line up, its great to see Moore as a part of  a show  that includes law and community in a way ppl can become more relatable & receptive to law enforcement in the neighborhood. I'm still learning this cast of characters.  But enjoying the storylines.learningofcharacters
Those darn Housewives on BravoTV
I watch most of the Bravo TV series of Housewives including Married to Medicine.  I truly love watching successful Black women achieve greatness in each of their fields, try and build better relationships with their friends, husbands and still grind hard for their own successes and dreams... yes, I know they bicker and fuss... would it be REAL if they didnt'?  It's Reality Soap series, for crying out loud...literally.  But they are still real women.
Guaranteed laughs....
Who doesn't love Ellen? Another CBS favorite, 
she kills it in her brilliance in not only her talk 
show, but as a creative business woman.  She 
made it 'okay' to be who you are in sexual 
orientation, humanity all with a sense of humor
that warms the heart.
That is all.
Married to Medicine...
SEPTEMBER 2nd... aaand how....
Looking forward to seeing what the ladies have been up to and how relationships are healing and gaining good foundations in the beautiful backdrop of Atlanta, Georgia.

I love, love, love the showcase of women doctors.  And I love the inclusion of the wives of doctors and their strong personalities that don't just sit around and look pretty.  These women and this show includes the husbands and the relationships they share with their wives as a part of the storyline.  It's not just about successful women, but relationships between successful Black men and women who struggle with strong personalities and power.  I cheer the women on in all of their struggles to be the best and thank each of these shows and their casts for whisking me away for a few hours a week to entertain and cause me to be inspired to think.
Taking care of the feet....


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