“The more I wonder, the more I love.”
      ― Alice Walker, The Color Purple 

Ahhhh, in search of happiness....

       now following Frederick to El Segundo,
I am.  Even choosing a font to muse in, can become 'a thing'.   And ooooh, those dreams that do come and rush in like fools... sweet and pure, mysterious and blurred, I am.   Forced into boxes that won't ever fit... even if its form-fitted, Ms. Jane Pittman still quakes at the bottom of my feets and itches well to 'Do Tell" and I like her that way.  Rock and Roll bands, roll on.  When pressure drop, does it conquer Dred?  Translucent church fans, we win with God over plans and laugh at the raindrops that keep falling on our heads.  The children, instead.  Avocado toast, be doing the most all up in my head, heart and steez .  And that don't mean nothin' but a breeze in the democratic processes in election ...political resurrections of a country's 500 year '40 acres and a mule' disgrace.  Or Grace... flowing and changing? How dare you need or want or fight, or speak or BE who you are... while learning and loving and misfiring in these televised revolutions airing out dirty laundry that only stinks... when we misunderstand, unforgiven and studying too long to study wrong. I only wanted to be a Black twenty something milking into the 40,50,60,80 something ... Woman something, who remembers you well,  who remembers this well.  This is not sadness, its growing... bittersweetly and I'm grateful forever second I bleed and run hot... even cold.
I dreamed of my best friend last night... wedding bells adorned, and freedom
..... rang.



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