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"at the risk of seeming ridiculous'
` thinking on a funky love poem @ about 2am.
don't u ever allow life, even love, have you forget, you are worth it, lovable ... & that you are absolutely capable of loving again and AGain.

No Matter what the world may throw in your path.  You can overcome and conquer anything with love.


Who am I ?  I am a work in progress.  Delightfully evolving.  I'm a mom of a beautiful middle school age daughter.  A writer by nature.  I write creative editorial styled musings, prose and personal journey essays as I flow through life to live and learn.  While I'm at it, my hope is to share something that encourages and strengthens the reader to grow, smile and heal in some way to be better.   I have a background working in Education with Special Needs children and I am also a licensed real estate sales agent in the state of Texas.  My license status is currently inactive, however I am grateful to have the knowledge base and expanding interest in real property and family estate laws.  We are settled on the great Third Coast of southeast Texas, near the beach and the city of Houston.  Small towners who are here to add some value to our community some how.  We thank you for your interest and for visiting the page.  Please share and reach out to us with your small business information we can share or just to say 'hey there'. 

Thanks, Steph & Jazz

"Bounce: Wordz & Rhythmz"  by Stephanie Gordon

I'm taking it back to the Old School.  "Bounce: Wordz & Rhythmz" is my first publication.  It is available now at Amazon.com and other online booksellers & will also be available here on the site soon as an e-book & more "Bounce-worthy" ways to enjoy this simple, roots collective of a new single mother finding her way... detailing family and community through fresh eyes in poetry and prose.  Stay connected to see what's up here on #coloringthe upsideoffear http://a.co/3oBql7O

as kiddos, me and my cousin would do play pretend news skits.  we would make up our own news, have a mock news desk and sit there talking to a camera about who know what and we thought it was the funnest thing ever.  its why i think the news skits on saturday night live or still so damn funny, especially given the real life scenarios of that news media has to report and/or chooses to report on based on community, compassion and sometimes...unfortunately programming based on the political standpoint of the medium itself.... i miss episodes of saturday night live, all the time, not because i'm out painting the tonight, but more likely I'm falling asleep or only catch it when a fab host is hosting or a bad ass band I absolutely adore is playing LIVE.  even still, its a favorite thing of many years ago introduced by a older cousin who happened to be flyy and just a cool kid who was older than us and someone I still hope to be more like as an example of believing in my dreams, the pursuit of happyness and the art of not giving a heck at what the outside world thinks so much about choices and stance.  ​​

That is what I hope to accomplish here on Saturday Night Blogs.  Something to peer at and take-away something that is positive, funy and interesting.   Here is my safe space to create and share in good light, things that inspire me and issues that concern me.  Sometimes funny #haha, sometimes emotionally raw or materially real.  Life is bittersweet.  Its a wonderful life and that thing that drives us from within, whatever our passion and/or peace is... we seek it and in some cases... we feel it necessary to share it.... all in love.

​the show must go on.  I usually post the blogs on Saturdays, but there will be a fresh and new one up by 10pm on Saturday nights unless otherwise noted.  I really do appreciate those of you who choose to stop by.  Peace and Light.

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​  Time 2 Reflect  2  Love
    &  Respect....
The Power of LOVE

​Happy Holidays, Happiest of the New Year to everyone.  I pray that 2018 brings more peace, joy and love to our families and mankind all over.

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