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Keeping my word and making things happen for my daughter and family is the blessed assurance I gotta show and prove by example......

Take Care Y'all!   Steph
What I'm Reading
Sometimes i finish, sometimes i use audible...the goal is to finish.

​(Spring Reading)
"Are Prisons Obsolete?"  by Angela Y. Davis
​"We're Gonna Need More Wine" by Gabrielle Union
​"The Mezuzah in the Madonna's Foot" by Trudi Alexy​
"The Huey P. Newton Reader"

​"Mother Night" Kurt Vonnegut
(Summer Reading)

The Get Down... was cancelled....BUT...
I fell in love with this storyline and the characters who were relatable and a cool reminder of that time period of the 70s and 80s with rhymes, music and culture.  I hated to see it end, but loved every minute of it on Netflix
S.W.A.T. on CBS....
S.W.A.T. is a new Thursday night favorite for me.  I like that the character of Shemar Moore who plays "Daniel (Hondo) Harrelson" he's from the neighborhood where he serves as head of the S.W.A.T. team. From back in the day success of Y&R to today's CBS night time premium line up, its great to see Moore as a part of  a show  that includes law and community in a way ppl can become more relatable & receptive to law enforcement in the neighborhood. I'm still learning this cast of characters.  But enjoying the storylines.learningofcharacters
While we wait 4 the season finale of "Being Mary Jane" we read....
New York Times Best Selling Author, Gabrielle Union... we love her as "Mary Jane" and most of us were shocked to learn the show would not be continued.  Yet we wait patiently and anxiously for the finale show scheduled to air sometime this year.  I don't usually do television shows but I've become attached to some great ones.  "Being Mary Jane" is a favorite and I hate to see it go.  In the meantime, this is a good read and a great way to support a sista-artist who has made her mark gracefully and undeniably talented.
CBS this morning.....
I wonder if most people kinda stick to the same major networks that were the mainstay in the home when we were kids.  CBS stays on the screen, and in the morning... my news fix is Gayle King and team.  I love the updates on everything from movies, politics, food world news and what's trending on Twitter.  Gayle has her own style of reporting and delivers as if she is truly sitting in the living room chatting with knowledge and style.
Those darn Housewives on BravoTV
I watch most of the Bravo TV series of Housewives including Married to Medicine.  I truly love watching successful Black women achieve greatness in each of their fields, try and build better relationships with their friends, husbands and still grind hard for their own successes and dreams... yes, I know they bicker and fuss... would it be REAL if they didnt'?  It's Reality Soap series, for crying out loud...literally.  But they are still real women.
Guaranteed laughs....
Who doesn't love Ellen? Another CBS favorite, 
she kills it in her brilliance in not only her talk 
show, but as a creative business woman.  She 
made it 'okay' to be who you are in sexual 
orientation, humanity all with a sense of humor
that warms the heart.
That is all.
Criminal Minds on Netflix...
I've always enjoyed those case files and First 48 Hrs type of shows to try and figure out who dunnit and why.  Even as far back as Murder She Wrote.  I'm hooked on Criminal Minds which has different storylines that always surprise with a family of workers as team with the FBI. Exciting drama with tender details I like.
Married to Medicine....
I love, love, love the showcase of women doctors.  And I love the inclusion of the wives of doctors and their strong personalities that don't just sit around and look pretty.  These women and this show includes the husbands and the relationships they share with their wives as a part of the storyline.  It's not just about successful women, but relationships between successful Black men and women who struggle with strong personalities and power.  I cheer the women on in all of their struggles to be the best and thank each of these shows and their casts for whisking me away for a few hours a week to entertain and cause me to be inspired to think.
Stranger Things on Netflix... Season One & Two
I'm glad this was an opportunity to spend time with my daughter and watch a show we both could get into.  I loved the first Season, the second Season was a bit stranger for me. I liked the supernatural storylines but don't like monsters... and really would not recommend for small children under the age of 8.  That's just me.
13 Reason Why on Netflix...
Jazzy Pearl and the Love Crew....
It truly is a love thang.  This is a photo of my daughter, family and kiddos from around the way who motivate me to keep writing and trying to gain some understanding to relate to the GenXers and help them to express themselves through ART, SPORTS and maintian healthy relationships.  Here are some shows my daughter introduced me to inlcuding "Stranger Things" and & "13 Reasons Why".  The puppy pic is our latest addition to the family, "Poppy" who has provided plenty of healing in just being a sweet Puppy. 
We can never judge or say, 'this is why' or 'that was why'  even if we have facts... mental illness and the cruelties of the world are detailed in this interesting drama on teen life and relationships. This is a great show to watch with your children and as a famil to gain understanding in how we act, speak and even ignore the way we treat others or do not validate a feeling can end tragically.  it covers suicide and teenage trials and emotions.
Outta ten, there was ONE left....
​Our pit bull, Darla gave birth to a litter of 10 pups.  We kept this one and named him POPPY.  This was a photo after he took his first bath.  He turned 1 on January 9, 2018... I'm smiling even as I type...he is such a sweetie :)
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