HaPPy NeW yEaR!

​Wow!  what a doozy of a year 2017 gave us.  In showings of the reality of climate change, becoming more intimate with POTUS through social media tweets and paying more attention to self-care and diet/lifestyle for many of us as the air, water and land make us pay attention to what we are eating, drinking and breathing.  Know before you digg, right?  

​Last year, the Catholic Church celebrated the year of 'Mercy'.  I'm not Catholic, but I embraced the overall 'Mercy' campaign as a thing of Peace and goodness as it relates to myself and family, the world and just everyday struggles.  Last year, and for a little while I have listened, followed and taken on ideals and pathways that have been healthy suggestive routes coming from others from a diverse network of interests and groups.  We look, listen and find what works best for us.  Following can make for good leadership qualities I suppose.  In moving forward, for myself in following and in leadership... I see that choices we make to branch out on our own, make decisions and take pathways that don't always align with the masses is a freeing thing that gives a windowseat of leadership qualities for none other than my own child.  I'm not desiring to impress but improve.  I don't desire to lead or to follow any particular group or trend.  We simply desire to be free to choose and choose as wisely as we know how to be... with gratitude.

​This year, I hope to take on many things with Gratitude as the motivator and as an innovative ideology of being thankful of where we have come from, from whom we have come from and where we want to be.  I'm already thankful for the journey... ecstatic about the destination.  Approaching everyday with enthusiasm in that spirit of simply being thankful for EVERYTHING has been much mo bettah in Sunshine and Sunlight than waking up complaining or contemplating how I will overcome or conquer any faux monsters and difficult tasks that must get done.  I think the soul gets weary on its own when in the physical we worry too much or stay stuck too long on situations and circumstances that don't align with our true purposes.  Those time consuming choices that make us ill rather than make us better.

​Even when I choose wrong or divert away from the path or tasks at hand... I hope to still remain thankful for the learning experiences in taking the more scenic route and having gained another story to share and lesson to give to my daughter, Jazzmin.  I'm currently working on a writing piece called "Dear Spanish Camp,TX".  I'm so excited about this work and I want it to be done right in theory, in structure and most of all in purpose.  Family roots and the strength of the people, especially the strong women that I come from is the premise of this new work. It's a work on healing and the choices I have made for myself over time, good and bad.  It details some suggestions to get out of a slump and introduces some herbal tea recipes that helped in ways that include curbing my enthusiasm for drinking too much coffee, detoxing the body and improving mental clarity and mood.  As I write and complete this project, I'm believing it to be something that will parlay into another volume or two, or three as I mature in my own natural journey and family history.

Thank you for continuing to come thru.  Apologies for the long delay with posts.  I have been writing and working on "Dear Spanish Camp, TX".  I hope you continue to visit here.  Your feedback is appreciated.  Let's move it along throughout this year with gratitude and JOY.  I'm ready for Spring and the rest of this year to enjoy and have some fun with learning new things and spreading these wings to fly and soar free and high above everything that I've allowed to myself to make excuses not to.  

So chile, 
​..... row, row, row ya boat.... gently down the stream...merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily... life is but a dream...


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