​“The more I wonder, the more I love.”
      ― Alice Walker, The Color Purple 




​  ​ 

Simple things that have always been a constant groove in chilling out and focusing to write, take care and learn....with thanks... is what we are up to these days.

The latest book will be available sometime this year (2018).  I'm taking my time with research and focusing on pure creative juices where I'm inspired and enlightened.  Choosing relaxing teas, sunlight, biking, trying yoga for the first time and just remembering the Faith, Hope, and Love I've known to lean on in brighter ways up ahead push me to give more of that to my family and relationships.

Working out, at a gym hasn't ever been a thing that I've been consistent and disciplined about in the past. My daughter is involved in track and field, which is a Spring sport... so the both of us aren't as active, year-round as much as we should be.  She's an excellent honor student who has introduced me to "Stranger Things", "13 Reasons Why" and episodes of "Supernatural" on Netflix.  We binge watched together and when that's over....then what?  More track and field, more homemade mac & cheese experiences, more learning and certainly more leaning into loving the life we have.  I am a licensed Texas Realtor and I've become quite interested in public policy and how the business of Real Estate affects our community at large. I love watching my Bravo Housewives (all of em) in support of strong women in business and family life... outside of what a script might entail.... believing in the wide world of wrestling in all its characters might be somewhat the same... but different in reality tv settings of 2018....
fielding my imagination in grand Salsa dancing and a world wind love affair with life beyond anything we ever could imagine in
dreams coming true!

Getting off of the couch, turning down technology and seeing the world of things first hand as opposed to just online or on the screen are family goals we struggle and strive to be more on top of rather than be overwhelmed with it so much that we become disconnected from real live... real loving moments and good-hearted experiences in real time with family, loved ones and each other.   

Please stay tuned for my latest writing piece, on herbal tea mixes and matches of natural and real things into a journey of personal & environmental healing in these times of great changes... coming this Summer.  This particular piece is a reflection piece stemming from a previous writing,"The Art of Eve: me & my hip-hop soul"(2012). 

 I thank you in advance for your support and positive vibes.

​  .....                                                  .... a work in progress