​​​​​​​.... and so now, 'Christmas' time.  CHRISTmas, Xmas or whichever and however you choose to celebrate and label it... all over the world we are excited about more holiday magic and the time we spend loving on one another.  Loving on ourselves and preparing for the new year.  

​The true spirit of Christmas in giving, flowing all the way through and off the fatty ham or turkey...cornbread dressings, dirty rice and even fried fish dinners of celebratory nature in yuletide.... roll tide.... football, family and food traditions througout our seasonal times of cheer.  

​We can't forget the reason for the season.  I believe its the true heart of God and good in each of us.  Life's celebration and the melting off of anything that is cold, hard and frozen.... to begin a new year of ...more.  More better, more planning, more freedom, more forgivness, more time to appreciate and more life to live and love.

These posts will be updated on an every other weekend basis.  On Saturday nights, beginning on December 9th.  Thanks so much for those who take the time to stop by and see what's up here.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.  I'm currently finishing up reading Angela Y. Davis' "Are Prisons Obsolete?" The new year will start me off reading Gabrielle Union's  "We're Gonna Need More Wine".  
​I'm looking forward to the New Year.  2017 has given me a greater hunger to learn and listen...certainly to love mo' better.  Bringing it in with finalizing some projects and ready for what's next in 2018!    So, what are you doing New Year's Eve?

               RECAP ON LAST

It's Thanks Giving time.  That time of year where many of us take time out to give thanks for all we have and all we may have overcome, and still strive to maintain and handle all the bittersweets of Life. 

​2017 has been a world of troubles and trials all across the land.  Thank God for humor and true love recognitions.  For me and my family... we must see the glory before it comes ...the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak... the light within and celebrate it as a good thing in all things.  

​Huge thanks to each of the young people who spent some time with me talking ab out their field of interests in athletics.
​Furqani Auset Al-Amin a Senior at Grambling State University(Track & Field/Shotput Throw), Donovan Graves a Freshman at St. Mark's School of Dallas(Fencing) and Kalvin Spells, a first year Freshman at Davis & Elkins College in West Virginia(Swimming/Breaststroke).

These young people are excelling and achieving their dreams in sporting events of the not-so stereotypical type.  They are young, gifted & black.  Smart, confident and have a great foundation in family and disciplined habits.

We wish each of them the best in their educational journeys and all things great in their fields of interest.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Much love and light and please enjoy the weather here in Texas while its great and beautiful.


Check out the video below of Elite, Olympic Fencer... Ben Bratton.....

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